IMG_2168My quiet house has been transformed in the course of a couple of weeks between my younger son being here for a week and then Mr. C and Piper arriving for the summer just days later. I was a little tense about surrendering the quiet house to other humans and a boisterous dog. I was getting used to the quiet solitude after almost befalling to a depression because of the isolation this winter.

It’s been great having Mr. C home. He is a flurry of activity and has already solved a few problems and fixed a couple of things. The list he wants to accomplish is as long as his arm, I hope he can do it all in the next few weeks before he takes off again. No more lazy half-assed meals that resemble snacks during the week. I absolutely loathe cooking just for myself so I don’t do it. It’s been a little bit of fun putting together dinners after I come in from the gym. It really helps Mr. C is easy to please and thinks everything I fix is delicious. This is great for my ego because I’m an “ok” cook; not great but not terrible either. I think he is easy to please because his mother—per his stories—was a terrible cook. I did cheat and a few weeks ago when I knew he was returning I fixed a lot of his favorites and put them in the freezer.

It’s nice to hear another voice in the house outside of the voices in my head. It’s reassuring to know he can look into the strange noises outside and decide if it’s a trespasser or a coyote. Piper is as rambunctious and naughty as she is sweet and loving. Now I have someone to natter at as I cook because she is never far when someone is working in the kitchen. Tasty bits might fall from the sky, gifts for the dog from the Sky Goddess.

Mr. C paid me a dear compliment when I returned from Dr. Doctor’s the day after Memorial day: “I got here late yesterday and I really felt like I was coming home. You are what this house needed.”

Mission accomplished.

About Laura

When my nest emptied I moved from the big city to a little big town to tend to a ramshackle yellow house on the edge of town. These are my Yellow House Days.
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8 Responses to Homecoming

  1. Such a lovely post of appreciation, today. Sweetness.


    • Laura says:

      He is a bit of a disaster around the edges but Mr. C has a huge heart and can fix just about anything. It’s a wonder to watch him figure things out and then make them work!


  2. Betty says:

    And Piper! Double bonus.


  3. YOU are a lucky lady.


  4. It’s amazing how tiny bits of appreciation can make us feel so good about life and ourselves.
    And how no matter how special a house is, it’s the people who make it a home!


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