Success with my one word resolution!!


I’m pretty sure this is the first year I kept my resolution(s) but then I didn’t stretch myself with crazy things like giving up chocolate or staying up too late or learning a new language. But I did learn a new language, I just didn’t realize I was learning it until late in the year. I learned the language of joy and gratitude.

February 9,2014 me and my dear beloved friend, the Chief in Mexico.

February 9,2014 me and my dear beloved friend, the Chief in Mexico.

2014’s resolution was a simple word: Joy. And I have felt joy fully almost every day but 2 this year. (Seriously, and what happened those two days is too private for even me to share.) The other 363 days have been off the hook with joy. And it’s not like crap things haven’t happened, either. Crap things have happened but having that white noise called joy running in the background has made it easier to work through the icky stuff and find the joy. When I promised myself the resolution of joy back in early December I wasn’t sure how I would achieve my goal. It was complete coincidence on of my beautiful and inspiring imaginary friends posted a picture of a mason jar with a lovely ribbon as a place to hold bits of paper with a description of the thing you are most grateful for on each day.


My daily gratitude project did much to lead me down the path of the joyous life. My project started out as the Gratitude Jar but then I was more taken with the idea of snapping pictures everyday and posting them on Instagram. It’s been fun to look back at them, too. I’ll continue it next year because not only does it serve as a gratitude journal but it also makes me look creatively at my daily world and on the harder days I’m focused on seeking out a minutiae of gratitude. Those daily posting did a lot to buoy me through the first few weeks after my accident when I was struggling with helplessness and pain. This fall the only reason I didn’t lose myself completely to anger and resentment with the workflow changes at my day job was my pledge to feel joy and gratitude.


Happy HAPPY New Year to everyone. Thank you to everyone I know and love because you helped me make 2014 thus far the happiest of my life. The gifts and the joy I have received is humbling. So much to pay forward.



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When my nest emptied I moved from the big city to a little big town to tend to a ramshackle yellow house on the edge of town. These are my Yellow House Days.
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7 Responses to Success with my one word resolution!!

  1. Bless you for having the time & discipline to feel every single day. My hat’s off to you. May the new year bring you all your heart desires, Laura!


  2. I love this! Gratitude is a great way to maintain joy. When you look around, you realize that life is pretty amazing. Happy New Year, Laura.


  3. Love this and that fabulous smile. My word for 2014 was Intentional and mostly it worked! It does sound as if your year was full of joy. Thank you for sharing the joy with all of us.


  4. Betty says:

    Happy for you! Did you really put something in the jar every single day. I didn’t make it a week but my resolution is going to feel gratitude every day.


  5. tbellkindred says:

    Happy New Year Laura! I love your idea about Instagram and joy. Teresa from


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