#ThrowbackThursday That Day I Was Unrecognizable

One day in 2012 my ex-husband didn’t recognize me. 


I was in The Stepford Knolls the other day, running late so I didn’t make it to the school on time and had to swing by Ward and Alexis Fabulous House In The Suburbs to fetch the younger lad. Did I mention I was tardy because I had just replaced my Trailer Trash Blonde look (really dark roots against brassy washed out blonde) for the “OMG THAT IS BLONDE! are you a trophy wife? number 5” look. Ward was pulling out of the driveway and the man–who has known me for almost a quarter century–did a double take. Not a “how YOU doin'” double take” (that would be icky and not worthy a blog entry). But a “Holy cow my ex-wife is freakin’ BLONDE!” double take.

Ward is often my nemesis but having not laid eyes on him in four months (for real, it’s been lovely) or spoken to him in a week (again, heaven), I was feeling chatty and so he stopped when he figured out the blonde in the blue MINI van was his harpy ex-wife and rolled down his window:

“Hey! I didn’t recognize you! You are…wow…really blonde.”

“Yeah, it’s bright. I just had it redone today so it’s EXTRA blonde.”

“So um…are ya’ having a personal crisis or something?!”

Hardy-har har Ward. This remark is coming from a sixty-something year old man who drives a convertible and happens to have a seventeen year old son.

“Hilarious, you are one to talk! If you remember correctly I was your midlife crisis!”

About Laura

When my nest emptied I moved from the big city to a little big town to tend to a ramshackle yellow house on the edge of town. These are my Yellow House Days.
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5 Responses to #ThrowbackThursday That Day I Was Unrecognizable

  1. I am SO impressed that you were someone’s midlife crisis!!!


    • Laura says:

      I should write an article about being the “younger woman”, it was a strange place to be as a woman identifying herself as a feminist. Fast forward 26 years: I’m shaping up to be someone else’s midlife crisis and this is double hilarious because I’m a dab older than the new boyfriend. Dr. Doctor hasn’t been this involved with someone in years! I guess it’s my niche. (wink)


  2. Very good comeback! Ex husbands suck! I have got to hit the bottle soon (both kinds) my gray is coming back and we can’t have that.


    • Laura says:

      LOL We get along so much better now the oldest is making his way without tripping and falling and the youngest is in college. Unfortunately, we did everything you aren’t supposed to do and it’s a miracle our kids speak to us and aren’t on a cocktail of meds. NOT my shining moment this divorced-ex wife-coparent thing.

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