#ThrowbackThursday That time I forgot my kid at the airport

I didn’t exactly forget him but I lost him for a few minutes. Luckily he was 18 and I hadn’t spent the afternoon at the airport bar.  May 2012

Reason number 35790275383840055033 why I’m not going to be “Mother of the Year” any time soon:
Friday afternoon at the airport, we were finished in the longest security line ever, and were just about to step off the escalator in the train station. I noticed a train had pulled in and I signaled to Beav, in a clipped tone, over my shoulder, we should get this train. I moved forward, not bothering to look behind me because his legs are just as long as mine and he can move fast. Plus he is one of the brightest human beings I’ve ever known. I join the last minute crush through the doors and as we pull away I am turning around to say something pithy about how we barely made it. I open my mouth to speak and my handsome 6’4 son is not standing behind me. Nope just empty space between me and the door. Like a movie, the empty train station is moving out of view. I peer around people to see if he isn’t lounging on the bench at either end of the car and I scan the tops of heads through the windows of the cars in front of me and behind me. No Beav. Gone. Vanished. Like an episode of that FBI kidnapping show with the handsome Italian guy.

I left my “baby” at the station.

I guess I said “uh oh” a little loud and I must have looked a little confused or lost or both because a kid just a few years older than Beav gives me a questioning look.

“I just left my son at the terminal!” like I’ve left behind a 7 year old rather than an almost 18 year old.

He looks stricken; the lady next to me gets a panicked look on her face, which made me laugh, so her panic turned to a weird combination of disgust and confusion, prompting an explanation: “Oh he’s 18 and can probably figure out how to get to the C concourse.” (What I wanted to say was: “Oh please! Haven’t you ever left your kid behind somewhere?”)

I tried to be calm about it but the helicopter blades start to make that loud thumpity thump thump sound in my head, so I pulled my phone out to text him when I noticed I have a message:
“Why did you get on the train? We’re in A concourse” Oh my he is a silly boy. I’m expecting him to make it to C concourse and he can’t read a Southwest Airlines boarding pass!
I quickly click to him: “We’re at C29 and our seating group is A. Sorry I ran off and left you.”
“Oops, just figured out the seating thing.”

Told you he was smart!

”Will you wait for me at C?”
Poor kid, I guess he figured if I bolted on the train without noticing he wasn’t behind me I was just going to blithely dash up an escalator to the gate area completely oblivious to his absence and possibly the fact we were traveling together.
“Of course I’ll wait for you. So I bet this takes me out of the running for mother of the year?”
“Pretty much.”

Wow…picky picky picky…

And  then we went honky-tonkin’ together.  But that’s ok because my extra mom and sisters were along for the trip.

I wonder if I can buy his vote with a pony?

About Laura

When my nest emptied I moved from the big city to a little big town to tend to a ramshackle yellow house on the edge of town. These are my Yellow House Days.
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10 Responses to #ThrowbackThursday That time I forgot my kid at the airport

  1. Michelle says:

    Oh man…it doesn’t matter HOW old they are…stuff like that will induce at least a little panic.


    • Laura says:

      I know, right? We had managed to keep up with one another a few months before in Washington DC’s metro so it was pretty funny our home airport confounded us.


  2. Karen says:

    I would still feel that way if I left one of my children and my youngest is 20! Haha!


  3. I can must imagine the looks on the other passengers faces!…or your sons!


  4. Bad Betty says:

    LMAO. Oh, please, like you have never left your child behind.


    • Laura says:

      Fortunately, I could keep with two on a car trip. Mr. C was left behind at a gas station when Brother was a baby and his mom had a flock of kids to keep up with. He just waited for them to figure out the car was suddenly very quiet because he wasn’t there.


  5. I panicked reading it. Thank God for texting.


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