Tractor Woman

When I sent this picture to a gentleman who was professing interest in me: “You are a beautiful woman no matter what the setting.”  His flamboyant response made me roll my eyes so I sent the picture to my oldest friend. Oldest Friend said it appealed to him because I was like one of those capable ranch women.  (as if!) It’s easily one of my favorite pictures of me because it’s so ridiculous and it does appear I’m starting to get the hang of living mostly in the country. Please note my footwear is appropriate. Too bad my hairbrush went missing.


Hey Tractor Woman, You come with the International, or are you extra? Am willing to pay a little more if you are thrown in with it. Yours sincerely, Bob Welcher

The caption on the picture was my oldest friend’s snappy retort to the picture. It made me guffaw and then I googled Bob Welcher.  I assumed he was famous and I hadn’t heard of him.  Pure fiction in this case. Although there were a number of Bob Welchers who looked the type to drive a big tractor.

Mr. C was working on the tractor that day, trying to get it to start. I dashed out to tell him lunch was ready, hopped up on the tractor and like a five-year old demanded my picture be taken. After demanding my picture I demanded he teach me to drive it.  But haven’t learned how to drive it yet. It’s a shame the man who can fix anything didn’t manage to get the tractor to run. I was a little pouty about it, too. Still am…


…Unless of course he did get the tractor started and he just doesn’t want me to learn how to drive it…


….hmmmm I bet Bob Welcher would teach me to drive the tractor. (if he existed)


I bet Mr. C will try to throw me in the deal when he sells the old International.

About Laura

When my nest emptied I moved from the big city to a little big town to tend to a ramshackle yellow house on the edge of town. These are my Yellow House Days.
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11 Responses to Tractor Woman

  1. Patti says:

    This story reminded me of my mom and Walker when he bought matching bulldozers. He even made an extra seat for her so she could ride along with him while he plowed the fields up in preparation for deer hunting season. “Dozer Dumpling” was her new nickname. Yep, mom was a country girl at heart, as I am to this day. Good for you for shedding some “citiness” for the stars at night!


    • Laura says:

      LOL I always wondered why that was Aunt Jean’s nickname, now I know. What a fun story. Mr. C has a dozer in New York that I want to learn how to manage, too. I don’t think he regrets NOT getting the old International started before his departure this June. I talked to my sweet stepmother last week and her comment: “Oh honey, I’m not surprised you moved out a little ways. I think it’s where you belong.”


  2. Hi Laura! I love your photo and would have asked for it exactly the same. Best to keep the public guessing right? ~Kathy


  3. You look like you’ve always lived that life. Guess it was a good move, huh.


  4. That (great!) picture makes me green with envy. Some day, perhaps. Some day.


  5. bodynsoil says:

    I learned to drive on an old Massey Ferguson and loved every minute of it.. I actually miss that old tractor.. I think you looks perfectly happy in the photo and I can see how the boys think so too..


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